Terror Suspect Nabbed with Explosives in Thailand

(Bangkok, Thailand) A 47-year-old Lebanese-Swedish man, Atris Hussein (aka Hussein Atris), was arrested last Friday on suspicion of planning terrorist acts.

More than 200 police raided a three-storey commercial building in Mahachai area after Atris Hussein, a Lebanese man carrying a Swedish passport who has suspected links to the Hezbollah militant group was arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport on Friday evening.

He confessed that explosive ingredients were hidden there, Pol Gen Priewpan said.

He said 4,380 kilogrammes of urea based fertiliser, 260 litres of ammonium nitrate and 400 electric fans were found on the second floor of the building.

Hussein said the explosives were not intended for use in Thailand. More....

Posted by: MikeJPechar at 08:47 PM


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