Americans Honored for Capturing Terrorist in Germany
Terrorist Admits Brian De Palma's "Redacted" Inflamed Him

I think there's a joke in here somewhere. Something about a Frenchman, a German, and an American meet a terrorist. The Frenchman runs away, the German turns around and pretends it's not happening, and the American pistol whips the terrorist, rips his still beating heart out, and feeds it to him while pissing on his corpse and making love to his still grieving widow.

I know, the punchline needs some work:

Germany's government presented the nation's highest civilian award Monday to two Americans who helped apprehend an Islamic extremist after he attacked a U.S. Air Force bus last year and killed two airmen.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich awarded the Federal Cross of Merit to U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Trevor Brewer and civilian airport employee Lamar Conner, both of whom chased the suspect until police could apprehend him, saying their deeds "were an example for all of us."...

"It was an important signal that in the first Islamic extremist act in Germany the suspect was stopped in the course of committing his crime by courageous people and arrested," Friedrich said at a small ceremony in the Interior Ministry attended by U.S. Ambassador Philip Murphy.

Yes, our guys are that bad ass. Kudos to Brewer and Conner for their act of bravery.

The story goes on, though, to the trial of the man apprehended by our airman and former soldier, Arid Uka. I think I was the first to point out that the video being posted on Islamist forums as proof American soldiers in Iraq were raping Muslim women and murdering their families to cover it up was really just a scene from Brian de Palma's Redacted:

Uka gave a teary confession as his Frankfurt state court trial opened in August, saying that the night before the attack he had seen a video on Facebook that purported to show American soldiers raping a teenage Muslim girl. It turned out to be a scene from the 2007 Brian De Palma anti-war film "Redacted," taken out of context.

Uka told the court the video prompted him to do anything possible to prevent American soldiers from going to Afghanistan.

Because when terrorist fail at producing their own propaganda, count on Hollywood to step in and do their work for them!

Thanks to Will Amos

Posted by: Rusty at 01:03 PM


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