Sharia4Belgium Spokesman Fouad Belkacem Faces Charges

fouadBelkacem.jpgWell facing charges is overstating it, he did not show up to his indictment or the Belgian equivalent thereof.

ANTWERP / BORGERHOUT - The prosecution has two years in prison and fined 550 euros for advanced Fouad Belkacem (29), spokesman of the radical Muslim movement Sharia4Belgium. He will be prosecuted for inciting hatred and violence against non-Muslims. The case was treated Friday for the Antwerp criminal court. Belkacem did not turn up.

In recent years appeared regularly movies on the Internet where the spokesman Sharia4Belgium in a relentless way calls for hatred and violence against non-Muslims and calls for the abolition of democracy. A day after the death of Marie-Rose Morel called her illness a punishment from Allah. Filip Dewinter, Bart De Wever and other "enemies of Allah" allowed themselves to expect the same.

According to the prosecution of such statements he crossed the limits of freedom of expression. Attorney Philip Vanneste drew heavily from to Belkacem. "He's not a devout Muslim, but an ordinary criminal," he said, referring to his long criminal record page.

Belkacem was already fourteen convictions in the police court, and four criminal convictions for robbery with violence, rebelliousness, defamation, threats and breaches of anti-racismewet.

That last charge is inciting hatred towards Jews if I'm not mistaken. Laws passed after WWII to fight Nazism.

Of particular note is the man's criminal record. Remember the recent shooting in Belgium were perpetrated by a man of Moroccan descent. Although the reporting on the incident played up his criminal past not his state of origin which is a Majority Muslim nation. Which may indeed be true in that case.

But in this case we see that criminal activity and viewing oneself as a Good Muslim who supports Jihad and Sharia are not mutually exclusive. See there's this neat trick in Islam where crimes committed against perceived infidels are not really crimes under some interpretations of Sharia. It seems Abu Imran prefers that interpretation.

Hat Tip: Internet Haganah.

Also of note he's good buddies with Belgian Jihadi blogger, quitter and general loser Censored31. Long time readers will recognize Censored31 from his trolling here and the number of times we've completely humiliated him. He interviews his buddy Abu Imran aka Fouad Belkacem below.

Update: Well since they've been indicted and all you might think the website would be a clear TOS violation?

Update II: Pwned!

The name is registered in Germany most likely by a company called

Bettinastr. 30
60325 Frankfurt, Germany
T: +49.69.97461.174
via the Cayman Islands
Bargin Register, Inc. - Client Services ( )
P.O. Box 12086 APO
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Fax. +1 3459276387
And the site is hosted in LA by
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