Palestinian Official: Israel Treats Palestinian Prisoners Worse Than Nazis Treated Jews During Holocaust

Palestinian prisoners are suffering worse than the Jews in Nazi concentration camps. Worse than the gas chambers. Worse than the ovens. Worse than executions, slave labor, and starvation.

They didn't suffer. Not like the Palestinians do.


Fars News via Gateway Pundit:

Speaking told FNA, Sabah said that almost 4,400 Palestinian prisoners are incarcerated in Israeli jails, and added that those prisoners who are sentenced to long terms of imprisonment are kept in central prisons whose conditions are gravely inhume and terrible. [...]

He added that conditions in Ketziot Prison, where many Palestinian political prisoners are held, are even harsher than the conditions tolerated by prisoners in the Nazi Germany.

And the most disturbing part of this claim? Liberals like Jillian York will not only believe this as fact, they'll use it to justify even more Palestinian Resistance terrorism against Israeli civilians.

Posted by: DMartyr at 01:53 PM


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