One Muslim With Whom I Agree

In doing a little research for my last post, I found this article by Muqtedar Khan. If there is a moderate voice in Islam, this man certainly seems to have it.

If [Jihadis] want to fight and die for God, they are welcome. There are over 200,000 American soldiers, in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are there specifically to oblige them. Why not go and fight them?

These cowards, who call themselves Jihadis, run and hide from soldiers seeking to fight them and instead target helpless and unarmed civilians. They repeatedly confirm that they have no regard for social order, for law, for human life and even for the sacred injunctions from the God whose pleasure they seek through violence.

Admirably, Khan acknowledges himself as being in one of two minorities in Islam, the first being those Muslims who speak out against terrorism and Islamic violence, and the second being those who commit the violence in the name of Allah.

A majority of Muslims, Khan claims, are those who simply ignore or deny "Jihad" while at the same time, making excuses for its existence.

The article is worth a read.

Posted by: DMartyr at 09:35 AM


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