Muslim Man Throws Ink On Yoga Guru

The guru was speaking against black money, black flags, and black hearts. He then refused to condemn the killing of several Islamic terrorists. The muslim man must have just assumed Ramdey was speaking disparagingly against Islam and attacked him with black ink.

Go figure.

IndiaWest via Gateway Pundit (all emphasis mine):

Baba Ramdev was the target of an attack by a man who threw black ink on his face on Saturday, as the yoga guru was briefing reporters on his plans to campaign against black money in the coming assembly elections. [...]

Jaideep, Ramdevís close aide, claimed that Siddiqui had gained entry into the hall carrying a walkie-talkie, apparently posing as a security guard. He also claimed that a bottle of acid was recovered from Siddiqui.

I hate it when Iím trying to throw acid on someone but I mix it up with my bottle of ink. That's just really annoying.

Posted by: DMartyr at 09:15 AM


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