Saudi Arabia Lashes Man 75 Times for Blasphemy

Wow, he was convicted on the testimony of one person? Apparently it's a lot easier to be convicted for blasphemy than adultery under sharia?

On the basis of one witness' testimony, Mr Almaribe was sentenced to 525 lashes and the equivalent of nine months in prison.

Mr Almaribe, who has diabetes, heart disease and broke his back in a 2004 car accident, did not believe he would live.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, in a letter to the family, said the judge had said his crimes could cause sedition.

''The embassy notes the Saudi authorities are currently extremely sensitive to perceived Shia incitement of sectarian discord,'' the letter said.
"It's very hard sometime

So the Saudi King was merciful and in a so called Pardon he lowered the sentence to time served and just 75 lashes.

Bismillah al-Raham al-F*cking Rahim I guess.

Posted by: Howie at 12:33 PM


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