Divided: Muslims Reported Florida Terror Suspect to FBI
CAIR Notified BEFORE his Arrest, Wonders if He's Innocent
Feds: He Met With Known Extremists in Kosovo

This story shows why talking about a "Muslim community" makes no sense: there is no "Muslim community", just as there is no "Christian community".

There are Muslim communities -- plural.

And it is within many of these Muslim communities that we find our first line of defense against domestic Islamist terrorists. Sami Osmakac was reported to the FBI by Muslims after he had been banned from two Tampa area mosques.

And one of those mosques seems to be affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America, where some of his extremist views about sharia would be welcomed. If the ISNA thinks you are an extremist, you are an extremist:

Osmakac was known in Tampa Bay's Muslim community for his extremist views and rhetoric. He had been banned by two area mosques...

In a Muslim community that is often wary of FBI tactics in terrorism cases, some viewed Osmakac with suspicion as he promoted his extremist views, said Ahmed Bedier, founder of United Voices for America, a nonprofit group promoting Muslim participation in the political process.

Bedier said Osmakac had threatened him several times and had called him a "kafir," an Arabic word for infidel. Bedier said he previously had reported Osmakac and several of his companions to police and the FBI.

"He hated democracy," Bedier said. "In his perverted thinking, he thought by Muslims taking part in the democratic process, they were giving up their faith."

In November 2010, Osmakac was asked to leave the Islamic Society of Pinellas County, a mosque in Pinellas Park. Pinellas Park police issued a trespass warning to him and two others.

Mosque leaders discovered that Osmakac had made an inflammatory YouTube video on mosque property. Police also said the men had been intimidating other members of the mosque.

"We told them they have no right to use the facility," said Dr. Ahmad Batrawy, one of the mosque's founders. "They tried to insult us. So we called the police. . . . I know they have been moving to other mosques and most of the time, they tell them, 'You're not welcome.' ''

So, every one thought this guy was trouble.

Except for CAIR. Even though various Muslims had this guy pegged as trouble, and reported him to the FBI as someone to watch, CAIR can't drop the paranoia and wonder if he hasn't been set up by the man:

Leaders in the local Muslim community urge caution, saying it is important for the courts to determine if Osmakac posed a real threat or was just a big talker entrapped by the FBI.

"Would there have been any real plot without the support and assistance of the FBI?" asked Hassan Shibly, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, who had been briefed by authorities before the arrest was announced.

Question: who made CAIR a spokesman for the "local Muslim community"?

Apparently, the FBI and the local media, that's who!

Most of the others in the local Muslim community thought the guy was nuts and potentially a terrorist.

But not CAIR. To CAIR, any Muslim who doesn't actually detonate a bomb is an innocent victim of Islamophobic entrapment.

And I was under the impression that the FBI had broken off all ties with CAIR? But the local FBI office told CAIR about the Osmakac operation before he was arrested?

And yet CAIR has the audacity to question the FBI's motives in the case?

Note to feds: it doesn't matter how much you talk to CAIR, these people are essentially conspiracy theorists who believe you are all out to get Muslims. Talking to them will not get you the "buy in" you are looking for. You cannot co-opt them. They are there to hinder you, not help you.

If you must look for partners within Muslim communities, don't look to CAIR! A) They don't represent all Muslims, just a minority of them; B) The organization itself was founded as part of an effort to support terror organizations!

And just how connected was Osmakac to foreign radicals?

The man accused by U.S. authorities of plotting to bomb Florida nightclubs and a sheriff's office met with radical Islamists during visits to his native Kosovo, a senior official in the country said Wednesday.

International agencies had alerted Kosovo authorities that Sami Osmakac could be linked to Islamist extremists, the official told The Associated Press. He said the 25-year-old, an ethnic Albanian and naturalized U.S. citizen, discussed "issues in support of radical elements" with the individuals he met.

The guy was on every one's radar screen, to claim he is some innocent victim of an entrapment conspiracy stretches credulity well beyond its limits and reveals CAIR for what it really is.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:28 PM


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