Sharia4UK Faces Setback

It seems that Sharia calls for the Death Penalty for homosexuals, uh yeah, so several of the gang from Sharia4UK went around passing out leaflets pointing that out.

Five Muslim men have gone on trial in the United Kingdom for allegedly handing out leaflets calling for homosexuals to face the death penalty, according to the Guardian.

Razwan Javed, 28, Kabir Ahmed, 28, Ihjaz Ali, 42, Umer Javed, 38, and Mehboob Hussain, 44, were arrested after members of the public complained about their activities.

The men are accused of stirring up hatred due to sexual orientation in the first prosecution of its kind. Laws covering hate crimes were amended in 2010 to include homophobia.

The leaflets were entitled “The Death Penalty?” and said gay people should be given the death penalty because gay sex is a great sin. The leaflets showed an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose. They were produced ahead of a Gay Pride parade in Derby and handed out near a mosque in the city.

"The leaflets you will see are not educational or simply informative. They are, we suggest, threatening, offensive, frightening and nasty,” said Bobbie Cheema, opening the case for the prosecution.

Bobbie Cheema better watch it, because what he's really saying is that Islam is threatening, offensive, frightening and nasty. Which it is because the accused sure as hell aren't misunderstanderers of Sharia. The prosecutor might find himself accused of lsamophobia.

The following video is of Iran where hanging Gays is a national past time. The accused above are most likely Sunnis. Its nice to see that the two branches of Islam can indeed come together over common interests.

Posted by: Howie at 08:51 AM


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