Alabama Muslim's Idea to Draw Attention to Islam and Himself

Shoot at the police.... its all so simple....

Luis Ibarra-Hernandez, 21, from Albertville, was charged today with attempted murder, according to a news release from the Gadsden Police Department.

“After the man was taken into custody, he reported that he knew he must do something extreme to draw attention to Islam and himself, so he planned to shoot police officers,” Gadsden Police Capt. Regina May said.

Well that seems er uh a bit overboard to me but hey I'm an Infidel.

Update: Reading the Facebook comments on the story it seems the man was well known in the area and had attended a Christian church several times. So there is some question as to weather he was a Muslim or not. The common thread of the comments seem to suggest he was a disturbed person regardless.

His statements to police are reported accurately and we'll update when we know more.

Posted by: Howie at 02:30 PM


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