Veteran Arrested for Aiding Somalian al Qaeeda
UPDATE: Thinks Beating Prayer Slackers is Awesome!

He's a veteran of the Iraq war, and yet he still wanted to go to Somalia to join al Qaeda's Shabaab affiliate there? This must be one screwed up dude.

The best part about this traitor? His middle name is Benedict. Fitting:

“The complaint alleges that Craig Baxam intended to travel to Somalia and join the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Mr. Baxam was caught in Kenya before he reached Somalia, and there is no allegation that anyone assisted him.”

According to authorities, Baxam joined the Army in 2007 and finished eight months of advance training in cryptoloy and intelligence. He was deployed to Baghdad and in August 2010 he deployed for a one year in Korea.

That would be two Americans indicted today for plots stemming from Islamist terror. But don't worry, I'm sure the two are just victims of Islamophobia (say leading Democrats on House Homeland Security Committe)!

UPDATE: Here's the federal complaint.

Thanks to @webradius

UPDATE: I've just read the complaint and I'll note three things.

First: Baxam converted to Islam from his online readings and his understanding of Islam seems to have mostly come from online sources. Does someone still want to argue that Islamic radicalism online isn't a problem?

Second: He seems to think it's funny that Shabaab beats people for not praying, for when he was told this he says, "That is awesome!". Thanks to Will McCants for that.

Third: Also awesome? The fact that this guy can look forward to this in prison.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:06 PM


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