Online Jihadi Arrested in Florida Bomb Plot
Video of Suspect Calling Infidels Animals
UPDATE: Video of Suspected Terrorist Assaulting Christian Protesters(bumped)

UPDATE by Rusty: Here's a video of Sami Osmakac using his online name "Abdul Samia". The tagline on the video --- --- belongs to the blog of Tahrek Mehanna, the Boston area man currently on trial for aiding al Qaeda.

H/T: @Intelgirl

UPDATE by Rusty: Here's a second video I found of Sami Osmakac inviting the infidels to Islam. Notice him calling we poor unbelieving kuffars "animals".

This video is more recent, from April of this year. I especially love the part where he tells us the antichrist will be a ..... Jew. Who would have guessed a terrorist might also have antisemitic tendencies?

The taglines are from two well known websites associated with Revolution Muslim here in the US and the followers of Anjem Choudary in the UK.

But the deepest connection here is with Abdullah Abdul-Malik, who is well known in the Tampa area for being a first rate terror supporter. And we've had a lot of fun at Abdullah's expense over the years.

UPDATE by Rusty: Here's another video of Osmakac assaulting some Christian protesters. I'm not sure who these protesters are -- whether or not they are regular street corner type evangelists or if they are related to some other less savory group like the Westboro Baptist Church -- but I certainly can't endorse their tactics. However, tactics aside Osmakac is clearly the one who assaults the protesters.

On a second look, it looks like these Christian protesters were preaching to some kind of adult oriented event across the street. At least, all the scantily clad women in the background give me that impression.

So, the question is: why wasn't I there!?!?

UPDATE by Rusty: Here is a picture of Sami Osmakac from his mugshot.


UPDATE: The mugshot is from a year ago, which seems to indicate that it's from the battery charge against him recorded in the video above. Thanks to J for that.

----Begin Howie's original post ---

What tipped them off? He wanted a flag like this one.

al q.jpg


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) -- Authorities say a 25-year-old described as an Islamic extremist was arrested in a plot to attack sites around Tampa, Fla., after taking possession of disabled guns and bombs

The U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of Sami Osmakac on Monday.

Federal officials say a confidential source told them that Osmakac wanted Al Qaeda flags. The federal complaint alleges Osmakac gave the agent a $500 down payment for an AK-47, multiple homemade explosive grenades and the explosive belt so he could attack various locations in Tampa.

Another UPDATE by Rusty: Here's the affidavit. He was arrested as he thought he was taking possession of the explosives to be used in the terror attack. If you read closely, you'll see that he made a "martyr" video of himself shortly before being arrested. I'd love to see that, but I'm assuming we'll have to wait until the trial before it's released.

H/T: Intelwire

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