Iran Sentences American to Death for "Spying"

We all know what is going on in Iran: they're holding Mirzaei Hekmati as a hostage, a pawn to win concessions for their nuclear ambitions:

An Iranian court on Monday convicted an American man of working for the CIA and sentenced him to death, state media reported.

Iranian authorities allege that Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine, received special training at U.S. bases in Iraq and Afghanistan before being dispatched on a spy mission in Iran. Hekmati, 28, was born in Arizona but holds dual citizenship.

I'm guessing Hekmati's sentence will be upheld, and then as we approach the day of execution he will be "pardoned" as an act showing the merciful benevolence of the religious oligarchs. This is how it usually goes in the Islamic Republic when a foreigner's life is on the line.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:40 AM


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