Video: Shabaab Declares War on Kenya, JOOS
UPDATE: Terror Plot in Final Stages


I was just watching this al Shabaab propaganda video declaring that Kenya is a war zone. But what I think strikes me as the most odd is that the spokesman, Ahmad Imam Ali, seems to emphasize Kenya's ties to Israel.

If antisemitism isn't a greater problem in the Muslim world than anywhere else, then why would a terrorist spokesman use it as a way of garnering sympathy when clearly the ties between Kenya and Israel are the weakest argument for why Muslims should support the terrorist movement?

You'll also notice that the spokesperson doesn't distinguish between Jews and Zionists -- which is the normal cover that antisemites use.

UPDATE: I saw this on the news, and thought it was probably related:

The Foreign Office has said terrorists could be in the final stages of planning an attack in Kenya, and has urged British nationals there to be cautious.

Visitors to Nairobi are being warned to avoid places such as hotels, shopping centres and beaches.

British counter-terrorism officials have been helping Kenyan police, who found explosives and bomb-making equipment in a raid in Mombasa last month.

A British citizen was among those arrrested in that raid. The Kenyan authorities are looking for a British woman thought to have links to the al-Qaeda-linked group, al-Shabab.

There's a video at that BBC link.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:04 PM


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