Ministry of Irony: Threatened US Carrier Group Rescues Iranian Ship from Pirates


U.S. Navy ship rescued 13 Iranian sailors from pirates in the Arabia Sea, a military spokesman said Friday.
The destroyer USS Kidd responded to calls for help from the Iranian-flagged dhow Al Molai, which had been hijacked by pirates two months ago, Navy Capt. John Kirby said.

A Navy team boarded the ship, took 15 pirates into custody and sent the dhow on its way, Kirby said. A dhow is a type of sailing vessel frequently used for commercial transits in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

The Iranian captain thanked the crew of the Kidd for their help, Kirby said.

The destroyer who saved the Shia Iranians from the Sunni pirates is part of the carrier group that Iran warned not to return to the Persian gulf last week.

I'm glad the Iranian sailors are safe. To the Iranian regime, You're very F*cking welcome.

Update: More delicious irony topping! The commander of the USS KIDD is a woman, CDR Jennifer L. Ellinger.


Hat Tip: James.

Posted by: Howie at 12:30 PM


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