DHS Sets Up Heavily Armed ID Checkpoint At Social Security Office

You know, to catch those right-wing veteran gun-toting Bible-thumping domestic terrorists we hear so much about...

Residents of Leesburg, Florida were shocked to see their local Social Security office turned into a random Homeland Security checkpoint Tuesday morning, as DHS officers armed with semiautomatic rifles and accompanied by sniffer dogs checked identifications of locals.

“With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle, randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building,” reports the Daily Commercial.

The activity was part of Operation Shield, an unannounced drill conducted by the DHS’ Federal Protective Service centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.” (Source)

It makes sense, really. If you want to catch terrorists, where better than a Social Security office where they go to pickup those retirement checks? I mean, you wouldn't want DHS wasting time harassing patriotic Americans in places like Zuccotti Park, Dearborn Mosques, or Border Checkpoints. Yeah, you wouldn't find any "unauthorized persons" or "potentially disruptive or dangerous activities" at those places.

BTW, on behalf of the Obama Administration, the DHS would like to point out that this armed show of power has nothing to do with the impending declaration of martial law. This was just a test.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:21 AM


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