Your Kung Fu is Not Strong

The Blaze:

We’ve covered our fair share of wild brawls in the United States, but how about a chair-throwing melee at a Chinese restaurant in Canada? We can now check that off our list.

On New Year‘s Day in Montreal’s Chinatown, patrons at New Dynasty restaurant started arguing. But what started out as verbal quickly became physical. The National Post in Canada explains:


The owner of New Dynasty restaurant, a mainstay in Montreal’s Chinatown, said “it was just a regular night” until an exchange between two tables, who didn’t know one another, erupted into a fight that snowballed into a spree of chair throwing, table tossing and glass smashing.

“It was dangerous, of course,” said the man who identified himself as the owner, but would not give his name. “You can see that [from the video]. It was out of control.”

And he’s right about the video, which has just started to surface. Check it out yourself:

Posted by: Howie at 08:52 AM


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