The New Face of Libya

During this feel good story about Libyan rebels treated for injuries here in the US. First yes its good that these men are learning what a civilized country is and that American's are helping them but this troubles me......

JARED BOWEN: Of Moammar Gadhafi's violent public death, Ali has no remorse for what his countrymen did.

BELGASSEM ALI (through translator): When we captured him, we didn't show any mercy toward him. He get the same fate -- the same way that he oppressed us, we oppressed him.

Exactly! Why fight and die for a revolution that brings a new form of oppression. They are becoming what they sought to become free from. I mean not that that's unpredictable for so called Arab revolutions. Just saying.


The Arab Spring may quickly become an Islamist Winter in Libya, reads a new report circulated among federal law enforcement and written for policymakers on Capitol Hill.

An advance copy of the report entitled "A View to Extremist Currents In Libya" and obtained by Fox News, states that extremist views are gaining ground in the north African country and suggests a key figure emerging in Libya formerly tied to al Qaeda has not changed his stripes.

"Despite early indications that the Libyan revolution might be a largely secular undertaking ... the very extremist currents that shaped the philosophies of Libya Salafists and jihadis like (Abd al-Hakim) Belhadj appear to be coalescing to define the future of Libya," wrote Michael S. Smith II, a principal and counterterrorism adviser for Kronos LLC, the strategic advisory firm that prepared the report.

Posted by: Howie at 08:38 AM


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