If Terrorists Hold A Peaceful Protest And No One Is Around To See It, Is It Still Peaceful?

HAMAS leader defends violence against Israel because there are no Israelis in Gaza to peacefully protest against.

Kenny has more.

In comments to an article about "Fighting Hate... With Hate?" (Lol, oh the irony!), Jillian C. York, protector of anonymous bloggers, who stood by while Dick Silverstein went on an obsessive witch hunt to expose Aussie Dave, asks, "...what else could Gazans possibly do to resist?"

Why shouldn't terrorists use violence when, clearly, they have so much support from the leftist movement in America?

Update: Below the fold, I found this video of a very rare peaceful protest in Palestine. The peaceful protest spontaneously erupts when two Israeli women are spotted in a car.

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:18 AM


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