Police Arrest NY Firebomber

Of course there is a lot of Hub Hub about the Mosque but I'd point out this seems personal against the neighborhood as some of the victims were Hindu and Christian at one house bombing. It seem this guy is just acting out his own personal Gangsta vendetta.


Police arrested a suspect Tuesday in connection with the firebombing of an Islamic cultural center and three other New York City sites.

A law enforcement source told Fox affiliate WNYW-TV that the suspect confessed under questioning.

The man was tracked through a car with Virginia license plates that was believed to be at the scene of at least two of the attacks Sunday evening on a convenience store, two homes and the cultural center, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The man in custody may be the same person kicked out of the convenience store on Dec. 22 for trying to steal a glass Starbucks bottle and milk, authorities believe. Four of the five crude Molotov cocktails thrown at the various locations were made from glass Starbucks bottles, Kelly said.

Witnesses reported he made threats as he was escorted out, Kelly said.
"When they were pushing him out of the store, he said words to the effect that `We're going to get even. We're going to get back at you,"' Kelly said.

No one was injured in any of the attacks, and Kelly said Tuesday they appear to be linked. The attacks wrought little or no damage at most of the locations.

And also note his firebombs were made from the same Starbucks bottled coffee that he tried to steal.

This boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball.

Posted by: Howie at 04:04 PM


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