New Libya Includes Religious Prisons

Where Libyans are subjected to Islam and torture for those who fail to follow Islam as radical Salafists see it.

The men in this makeshift prison in Misrata are from all over Libya, captured in various battles, all purported to be Gadhafi fighters. At prayer time, they line up in a covered courtyard, kneeling and pressing their heads to the floor.

One of the striking things is that all of the men have uncut beards.

A prison guard calls the prison a "rehabilitation center." He says the men are required to pray five times a day and they are taught Islam.

Guard Haitham Mohammed says when the prisoners arrive, they have no idea how to read the Quran or how to be properly observant Muslims. The guards then begin teaching them, he says.

But what they are being taught is the Salafist strain, which the men who run the prison follow.

The prisoners say they are obligated to pray and leave their beards uncut, and they're forbidden to smoke. Anyone caught breaking the strict code is whipped.

Nice job Obi-One you have brought un-freedom to Libya.

Posted by: Howie at 12:59 PM


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