Shameless Twitter Pimpin' - Follow Me!

"Any man who would be a Knight and follow a King, FOLLOW ME!"**

I'm relatively new to Twitter. I've had the account for a while but really only recently started tweeting. Stable Hand is the Jawa Report's main tweeter, but since she is taking a break, I've been trying to pimp our posts a bit at Twitter.

It's just the number of my followers a little low. They've been increasing steadily, and I appreciate everyone who is following and re-tweeting. But I really would like to see a few more.

So, if you tweet and are not already a follower, please add me now:!/DMartyr

If you are already following and have a nice list for yourself, please pimp me!

**Bonus fatwa to whoever names the movie quote. No cheating! No googling or internet searches!

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:20 AM


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