L.A. Arsonist Caught


Police have arrested a German national living in Hollywood and charged him in connection with more than 50 arson fires that destroyed parked cars and scorched buildings in Los Angeles. Harry Brukhart, 24, was arrested early Monday morning, and is being held without bail.
NPR is also reporting that Brukhart was involved in a disturbance during an emigration hearing about his mother and was recognized by an official present at that hearing. I've no information about that hearing but it probably speaks to motive in this case. I'll update when that information becomes available.

Update: More on motive, apparently upon his arrest the suspect said, "I hate America." There are also reports that while he was detained in the squad car he was smiling at residents observing the arrest.

Update: Turns out that the mother in the immigration case was actually an extradition case
. She's accused in Germany of 19 counts of fraud. Oh and also the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as she also says that all the Germans are Nazis.

I say we give her back. I'd like to give him back too but at this point it looks like he'll be staying here for a long long time.

Posted by: Howie at 08:20 AM


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