The Sad Case Of AHH

Three strikes and you're... AHH!

A SYDNEY man known only as "AHH" after changing his name three times has been banned from changing his name again and faces losing his wife-to-be as a result.

In a bizarre case, AHH changed his name three times in as many years, from Hormis Daniel to Thomas Daniels in 1999, then to Tony Adam in 2000 and to AHH in 2001, The Daily Telegraph reported.

He told the Administrative Decisions Tribunal he did so "because of constant hounding and harassment from my ex-partner".

But now he says he has been shamed by his family for being single and has had a marriage arranged for him in his homeland of Iraq. (Source)

It is an improvement over "Hormis" if you want my opinion...

Posted by: DMartyr at 12:19 PM


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