Good News: Indicted Terrorist Enabler Still Blogging from Behind Bars

Former "emir" of the Revolution Muslim blog, Jesse Morton (aka, "Younus Abdullah Muhammad") is behind bars waiting trial for threatening the creators of South Park, continues to blog from jail.

Since he's been indicted for his activities online, I'm not sure how it's wise that he's still able to communicate online.

I won't bother to quote any of his second rate mimicking of warmed over neo-Marxist international relations theory, but I do want to note the tagline:

Younus Abdullah Muhammad is a Muslim American and Master of International Affairs presently residing in pretrial solitary confinement in Virginia. He is the founder of and can be contacted at . He is currently looking for legal assistance in his case against the U.S. Government.
You heard it, he wants you to email him.

Also, what numbnut of an institution of higher ed granted this loser an MA?
I suggest porn. Lots and lots of porn. And not the gay kind. He might like that.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:21 PM


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