American Jihad Propagandist Killed by Pakistani Police?

Members of GIMF in Germany celebrate Muhammad M's release from prison

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) has issued a press release claiming one of their leaders, known as Abu Umar online, was killed in Karachi by Pakistani police. GIMF is an online network of radicals that specialize in translating jihadi propaganda for dissemination to Western audiences. The group's central membership was in German speaking countries, but has members throughout the West, including the US & Canada.

However, over the last few years they have established deeper ties to actual terrorist organizations, such as the al Shabaab group in Somalia for whom they act as official facilitators. Many GIMF members have been jailed over the years, mostly in Germany and Austria.

The press release named Abu Umar as Abd al-Moeed bin Abd al-Salam. It claims that Abu Umar once was a U.S. resident and that he and his family lived here during the 9/11 attacks which inspired him to dedicate his life to violent jihad.

The clumsy wording of the release indicates that it was probably not written by someone who spoke English as a native language or that it was translated, poorly, from some other language. So, it's not clear if he himself became a citizen or just his family.

Here is some of the wording that may indicate that Abu Umar was a naturalized citizen:

This hero was born on July 17, 1974, and was raised and grew up in a rich family, studying in the best schools and universities. He worked as a teacher in global companies with high salaries in Yemen and America, such that he even obtained American citizenship for his parents....

in 2001, when the knights of Qaedat al-Jihad executed the Manhattan raid in the land of infidelity America where our hero lived with his family, our brother heard the news of the blessed operation from his father, and his yearning for Jihad and fighting in the path of Allah increased, as did his desire to live among the Mujahideen happily....

So, he emigrated from America to the Land of al-Haramain [ie, Saudi Arabia], and began his Jihadi journey from there.

It then goes on to state that he was too important for the cause in his translation work to go fight on the front lines. Ever notice how they all think that?

And yet his affiliation with terrorists still got him killed. Good riddance!

One wonders if his family is still here in the US and if they approved of his endeavors or not?

Posted by: Rusty at 05:34 PM


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