Fighting Against Cyber Jihad

Over at the Conservative Daily News, Jeff P notes the valuable work of the YouTube Smackdown Corps and encourages you to enlist in their efforts:

The Fight Against Cyber Jihad
By Jeff P on Dec 07, 2011 in Opinion


The fight against Islamist Muslim extremism goes far beyond the battlefield of soldiers on the ground. It is more than U.S. law enforcement agencies stopping terror attacks on our home soil, the real battle “for hearts & minds” is on the internet and citizen cyber-warriors are at the forefront.

Through the use of use of leading social media platforms such as Google’s YouTube & BlogSpot, FaceBook &, increasingly Twitter, the Islamist jihadi are spreading the ideology of global Islamic supremacy, and recruiting young people all over the world to “kill the unbelievers for allah”.

At the forefront of this fight are a dedicated group of grassroots individuals who spend their free time tracking and reporting these various sites, exemplified by the YouTube SmackDown Corps.

We haven't done too many posts requesting smackdown help lately, that's because there used to be a daily smackdown email list that now seems to be defunct. So maybe Andrea and the crew will think about starting the list again? Just a thought.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:18 AM


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