German Global Islamic Media Front Member Sentenced to 42 Months

Business Recorder:

A German court jailed a 31-year-old Islamist Tuesday for 42 months, for supporting a foreign terrorist group.

He was the last of eight people tried for contributing material to the Global Islamic Media Front, a web portal that promotes jihadist views.

All the others had earlier been released with suspended sentences or community-service orders.

Munich judges said police intercepts showed he made videos supporting al Qaeda in 2006 and 2007 and uploaded them to the portal.

He was sentenced to prison time on the support-of-terrorism charge because he was the only one who followed his words with action, travelling as far as Tehran to enter a camp run by al Qaeda in Pakistan, but missing his contact in Iran.

Also there are reports of another Islamic extremist related to al-Qaeda today in Bochum.
Speigel(Googlish) Berlin - S. Khalil has been arrested at the instigation of the Attorney General on this Thursday in Bochum. When accessing the GSG 9 was involved. The allegation is membership in a terrorist organization, meaning that the terror network al-Qaeda. In addition, S. forgery and fraud is alleged professionally.

At the same time, there were raids in 16 homes and two offices in North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. In the investigation, the Prosecutor's keel was involved. Next page, there are five other defendants, which were not arrested.

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