Al Qaeda Linked Group Claims Israel Rocket Attack

Guess what? There's al Qaeda. In Lebanon:

A group linked to al-Qaeda on Tuesday claimed responsibility for an overnight rocket attack from southern Lebanon against Israel, a local website announced.

Elnashra website said it had received an email from the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam claiming responsibility for the attack.

“Early this Tuesday, rockets from the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam shelled the Zionist colonies in northern Palestine... and reached their aim,” the email message reads.

The same group claimed responsibility for the last rocket attack from southern Lebanon against Israel in 2009.

No one was injured, but a couple of buildings were damaged.

This is Hezbollah controlled territory. And when I say controlled I mean controlled. It's a virtual police state in Southern Lebanon, but with Hezbollah running the show and not the "government".

So, if an al Qaeda affiliate is firing rockets from Hezbollah's territory then the safe bet would be on them tacitly approving the attack.

And the Iranian backed shias of Hezbollah do not normally get along with the Salaafi Sunnis of al Qaeda. But we know Iran has worked with al Qaeda when their interests align. So I think what we are seeing here might be Iran ramping up the pressure on Israel in light of the string of recent "work related accidents" in the Islamic Republic. Having al Qaeda do your dirty work will leave more than a few New York Times reporters scratching their head because conventional wisdom is that Shias would never make strategic alliances with al Qaeda.

It gives Iran plausible deniability and allows them to attack Israel while being insulated from international criticism.

Posted by: Rusty at 12:14 PM


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