Good News: New Libyan "Government" Posts al Qaeda Video

Img. credit: Aaron Zelin

I haven't spoken much about the uprising in Libya because, frankly, any one who wanted to kill Gadhafi -- friend or foe -- is someone I'm not going to be too critical of before the deed is done. Moreover, the idea that Islamists wouldn't be part of any coalition opposed to Gadhafi is unimaginable. But being part of a coalition speaks little about an overall movement.

So, it's not that I have been skeptical of reports that al Qaeda sympathizers were in the midst of those opposed to the Libyan regime -- clearly, they are -- it's just that I didn't think that this was necessarily an indication that the whole movement was tainted.

But this report over at al-Wasat is pretty disturbing:

the admin of the official Facebook page of the Libyan uprising (17 February Intifada) posted AQIM’s most recent video message from Shaykh al-Hasan Rashid al-Bulaydi. This is no doubt a worrying sign.
Indeed. And combined with that old al Qaeda in Iraq flag being flown in parts of Libya then I think it's time to worry.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:06 AM


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