#OWS: #OccupyMARINES Facebook "Like' Person Doesn't Have A Clue About Our Military

He/she/it posted a picture of a British soldier thinking it was an American soldier. Image will probably look familiar to those who follow pro-Hamas, pro-Pali posting. Al Qaeda supporters also use the below image as well as Taliban supporters. Hell all assmaggots use images like this so this person fits right in.

facebook.com screen capture 2011-10-27-13-7-48_OccupyMARINES.jpg

Someone pointed it out to him, which is good, because I was gonna join to do just that:

That's a British soldier for all of you "military enthusiasts".
He/she/its reply:
They're all the same. Imperialists occupying lands which they have no business being in.
Shows what type of "support the #OWS" group this is. The group started, I believe, after " Sgt Shamar Thomas" became a darling of the #OWS crowd.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 01:11 PM


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