Tattered Flags

Update: Many thanks to Programing Director Gavin Spittle for changing the image. Hopefully, in the future, the journalist involved will be more careful when selecting file images to accompany stories.

I've also removed the contact info because, since the image was changed, there's no point in having it up. If you wish to thank Programing Director Gavin Spittle for so quickly addressing our concerns, you can find his email on the contact page at the linked article.

CBS Houston reported a story about a Texas hospital sending an illegal immigrant patient back to Mexico for long term treatment. If CBS's liberal bias in the story was not evident enough, take a look at the file photo the "journalist" decided to use with the story:

tattered flags.jpg

One commenter writes:

Iím a medical student there and I can say with 100% assurance, those are NOT the flags that are being flown at UTMB. Our flags are in perfect condition and have a spotlight on them at night. The picture is bunk.

So, why would CBS Houston choose such a disrespectful image for the article? Is it to somehow demonize Texas as being un-American or unpatriotic in their quest to transfer this illegal immigrant? Is it a subliminal message that our values are disintegrating? Or maybe they are gloating over the successes of the Obama Administration to destroy America from within to pave way for a new, socialist society?

The person who wrote the article, and presumable selected the image, opted not to include his/her name. That's not a surprise. But CBS Houston should be ashamed to post such an image that is not only offensive, but completely unrelated to the article.

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:43 AM


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