Hmmmm: OFAC Lists a Bunch of Iranian Shipping Lines as Weapons Proliferators

Check this out. Notice that none of the Iranian shipping companies are in Iran? Mostly they are in Panama and Cypress. If you need stuff to build a nuclear missile, you'll have to have some way to ship the parts.

Aaron had noted a ramping up over at OFAC in listing Iranian entities. To be honest, I thought he was overstating the case. OFAC has historically been very far behind the curve on these matters when they should be out front. So, maybe they're playing catch up?

For the newbies, OFAC stands for Office of Control and Finance and it's the agency within the Treasury Department tasked with making sure US companies do not do business with "listed" foreign entities. Entities such as the Taliban and Iran's Qods Force.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:30 AM


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