Troops Taking it to the Haqqani Network

Below is an ISAF press release on Operation Shamshir and Operation Knife Edge which have been targeting Haqqani strongholds in Afghanistan. The more Haqqanis dead, the better. Too bad our "allies" the Pakistanis still aren't helping us root out the most dangerous of the various Taliban groups.


KABUL, Afghanistan (October 24, 2011) – The International Security Assistance Force spokesperson, German Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson, announced Monday that due to recent operations, Operation Shamshir and Operation Knife Edge, insurgent activities have been greatly impacted in the east and south of Kabul.

“We have concluded that 20 Haqqani affiliated insurgents have been killed or captured during these operations,” said Jacobson. “About half of these insurgents have been identified as leaders and the remainder were identified as facilitators and/or improvised explosive device makers.”

Jacobson goes on to say that the Afghan National Security Forces lead both operations while ISAF provided the support they needed to complete the mission.

“Operation Shamshir with the ANSF in the lead conducted clearing operations in the east and throughout the south of Kabul, contributing to increased disruption of the insurgency,” said Jacobson. “These offensive operations have impacted insurgent morale, caused localized disruption to operations, and forced insurgents to withdraw or hide to avoid capture.”

With more than 400 kilograms of homemade explosives, assorted weapons, munitions and computers seized during the two operations, insurgents are no longer able to adequately supply local attacks.

“The successes of Operations Shamshir and Knife Edge have opened opportunities for ANSF to build positive relationships with people from towns and villages formerly under the grip of insurgent organizations,” said Jacobson.

The main effort of combined operations will now return to normal framework operations in support of security objectives.

All of these events demonstrate the way in which Afghanistan is preparing, with its international partners, for a post 2014 environment in which Afghanistan is standing proudly on its own feet, said NATO Civilian Spokesman Christopher Chambers.

“Coalition forces will continue to degrade insurgent operations and support growing ANSF capabilities contributing to GIRoAs ability and commitment to provide security for the people of Afghanistan,” said Jacobson.

As we are now heading into the winter months, ISAF vows to continue to set the conditions for further growth in Afghan security capabilities.

“We will remain vigilant,” Jacobson said. “We will continue to secure vulnerable areas throughout the winter months and continue to interdict future spectacular attack planning.”

Jacobson reiterated that it is imperative that we continue to stand strong and ensure that the security measures we put in place remain mobile, agile and flexible to take the fight to the enemy.

“We cannot be divided in our cause for a free Afghanistan,” said Jacobson. “It is the hard work and dedication of the coalition and Afghan forces that will ensure freedom to Afghanistan.

Transition remains on course with President Karzai’s stated desire to have Afghan National Security Forces in the lead for security by the end of 2014.

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