#OccupyBaltimore Discouraging Rape Victims From Going To Police (Bumped & Updated)

Update: Apparently, one #OccupyWallStreet protester didn't get the memo. She was threatened after reporting an assault to the police and then pressing charges.

From Gateway Pundit:

An #OWS protester was smacked in the face by a fellow protester after she refused drugs and sexual advances from the goon. Later three of his buddies later came to camp and threatened to kill the woman.

Gateway Pundit also has news video about the incident.

Obama supports them.

Pelosi blesses them.

@AlecBaldwin thinks they're "good".

Original post below the fold.

#OccupyBaltimore Discouraging Rape Victims From Going To Police

Instead, they would prefer the victim report the incident to "the Security Committee" which will thoroughly investigate the allegation and ensure both parties will receive proper counseling.

The Security Committee is, no doubt, a crack team of highly trained criminal investigators that have had at least 20 or 30 minutes of investigative instruction.

If found guilty of rape, the accused loses his turn banging on the drums. (Hey! He should have thought about those consequences when he decided to bang her instead!) The most extreme penalty for the crime, as in a particularly violent rape - or for false accusations if the victim cannot provide four male witnesses prove the allegation - is banishment from the #OccupyBaltimore gathering.

Careful there, don't get Amnesty International involved...

It is very telling that sexual assault is apparently so frequent at these #Occupy gathers that such memo has to be distributed in the first place. Obama says these rallies are just like the Tea Party. Funny, I don't recall any rapes happening at Tea Parties...

The scanned memo, from BigGovernment, is posted below the fold.



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