#OccupyWallStreet (Hella Occupy Oakland): ABC's Reporters Life Allegedly Threatened: "We Shoot White Bitches Like You Around Here"..

Via Big Journalism:

Early yesterday morning, we received a tip from a reader in the San Francisco East Bay area who informed us that a local reporter’s life had been threatened by an activist at the Occupy Oakland demonstration.

Our source, who is fearful of reprisal and has requested anonymity, says that KGO-TV’s Amy Hollyfield was accosted by a man who threatened her and used a racial slur: “We shoot white bitches like you around here.”

According to our source, the Oakland Police Department was apparently called to the scene. Inquiries to the police, and to Hollyfield, which began at roughly 8 a.m. Pacific time yesterday, are still unanswered today.

Other local morning news reports from three of the major Bay Area stations suggested that the Occupy Oakland tent city had descended into rat-infested squalor with complaints of vandalism, public urination, sexual harassment, and sex in public[...]

Yet even as these local stations reported how Occupy Oakland has collapsed into chaos, they failed to report that police were allegedly called to protect a reporter whose life was threatened in a racist and misogynistic way.[More..]

How can the MSM admit this? Obi One and the Dems support these occupiers. Can't have bad press for "The One" now can we?

h/t someone in comments..sorry, can't find which post. Found said person...Helen of Troy

I pm'd this YouTuber and told him he was lucky, had the occupy group known he was Jewish his video's may have not turned out so well. Granted, most of the protesters where probably asleep...or stoned.

#OCCUPYOAKLAND Freedom of the Press is Ghey

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