#OccupyWallStreet: Who Is Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas? (Updated)

This Marine definitely has a problem. He was interviewed on Olberdouche's Current TV. Naturally the wolves are gonna use him for all it's worth.

I'm shaking my head and dunno what else to say. This Marine needs help!

Gawd, I hate liberals for using our finest and bravest like this. It's not right!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your input. Strike the "finest and bravest" thingy. I'll just leave it at "thank you for your service". Any Marine idiot enough to pose with Michael Moore doesn't deserve my respect, at this time. He is free to enjoy his 1st Amendment rights and I am also free to disagree with him. He is a disgrace to the uniform and this caption says more than I could ever say. Note the PLO aka keffiyeh scarf the anti-Semite douchebag in the background is wearing:

marines against sgt shamr thomas_facebook.jpg

Marines Against Sgt Shamar Thomas Facebook group.

h/t John Lilyea at This ain't Hell and thanks to Laughing Wolf for reminding me about This ain't Hell blog.

Lilyea has screencaps of Shamar's comments about the Facebook group above here

Don't expect these Marines to take this lying down, they are pi**ed and I don't blame them. Protest all you want but leave your uniform, cammies, or part there of, behind. Anonymous in comments wasn't too pleased with my post but heh, they support Bradley Manning too. Nuff said

UPDATE II: He was discharged last month (via Facebook group above)

facebook.com screen capture 2011-10-20-15-9-18_marines against sgt shamr thomas_2.jpg

Posted by: Stable Hand at 12:04 AM


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