Brave Al Shabaab Mujahideen Like To Kidnap Disabled Elderly Kaffir Women & Watch Them Die


A Frenchwoman was kidnapped in Kenya three weeks ago and al-Shabaab mujahideen took her to their al-Qaeda stronghold in Somalia.

The brave mujahideen left behind her wheelchair and medicine. Apparently, they dragged her because..well...she couldn't walk!

France stated they sent her meds to Al Shabaab but that was a waste of time, it is kaffir stuff. Al Qaeda doesn't care about kaffir medicines only kaffir money.

Brave bastar*ds, aint they?

The French authorities said they heard Marie Dedieu, 66, had died via intelligence officers dispatched by Paris to the region to seek her release. However, they said they had no information as to when she died or in what circumstances.

"Mrs Dedieu's state of health, uncertainty over the conditions of her detention and the fact that the kidnappers probably refused to give her the medication that we sent her lead us to believe that this tragic outcome is unfortunately the most likely," the foreign ministry statement said.

Dedieu used a wheelchair, had undergone two years of cancer treatment and also had heart problems for which she needed four-hourly medication. Her immune system was described by those who knew here as "very weak".

"It's a barbaric, violent act of utter brutality," foreign minister Alain Juppè said.

RIP Marie Dedieu, may those who did this be sploded into thousands of pieces..

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:10 PM


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