Saudi Ambassador Plot Khinspiracy Thread

Issue 1! Something is rotten in Denmark.

I mean 100k to kill the ambassador? Not even the Hut would do it that cheap.

Earlier, while watching McLaughlin Group, I had the thought yeah, probably this is a case of spy vs. spy. Both sets looking at this dude and wondering what the hell the other side is doing with this guy....

The 100k was meant to fail. I dunno maybe they were cultivating a splodey dope for when the Mexicans stole the money, you owe us now strap this on.

Hey its possible, I used to bullseye womprats in Beggars Canyon way back in the day. And they don't average much over two meters. And also it was better than any of the ideas that Elanor Clift had.

Issue 2! When do we start the bombing runs?

Posted by: Howie at 10:43 PM


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