Who's Up for Yet Another War?

Ah, remember the good old days when Obama was the darling of Moveon.org for his antiwar rhetoric? That was, what, less than three years ago?

US President Barack Obama said Friday he is sending 100 combat troops to central Africa to help and advise forces battling Ugandan Lordís Resistance Army rebels accused of rape, murder and kidnapping
I'll second AllahP's sentiment about the Lord's Resistance Army.

The fact is these guys are only "Christian" in the sense that one or two have read a couple of passages from the Old Testament and they're "not Muslim". Which is a rare thing these days for international terror group.

They're a cult with an Army.

And for those of you who have let arcane theological constructs trump reason and commonplace linguistic usage: the Lord's Resistance Army is what a real "cult" actually looks like.

The real question here is not if they are the bad guys, because clearly they are, but why is this our problem? At least in Libya we had a regime which was directly responsible for acts of terror against the US and its citizens.

Post Script: on further reflection I wonder if this isn't part of a quid pro quo deal with Uganda over Somalia? The bulk of AU troops fighting al Shabaab are from Uganda and in this instance are fighting a proxy war on behalf of the US. So, could it be that some kind of deal has been reached where their continued presence in Somalia was contingent on US support for support against the LRA?

The US does have an interest in fighting Shabaab in which case supporting Uganda against LRA might be necessary.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:39 PM


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