Religion of Peace Roundup: Shariah Autumn Edition

Under Sharia law repairing a Church is unlawful and breaks the peace pact that Muslims grant to Dhimmis in order to remain in Dar al-Islam.

Muslims heart Christian girls, but reciprocity is not required.

Libyan rebels want moderate Islamic State.

The truth? 100 Muslims walk out on Nonie Darwish lecture. Which is fair since she walked out on Islam and with good reason.

Fact that one Muslim admits Sharia states are intolerant is seen as sign of hope and change. Too stupid to really even comment on.

Muslims persecuting Christians gains popularity, but then again it never really ever went out of fashion.

Islamic Sex! Muslimas can only satisfy 10% of their husbands' sexual desire. Related. Goats in Islamic countries suffer 90% more anxiety than goats in western countries. Go figure.

Posted by: Howie at 10:57 AM


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