No Homegrown Radicals Alert: 3 Convicted in Virginia of Plot to Attack Quantico Marine Corps Base

The three convicted today are in addition to three others involved in the plot to attack the Marine Corps base at Quantico, VA who already pleaded guilty. Given the target, I say we should have let them attack. That would be a few less traitors to worry about, and free target practice for the Marines.


A federal jury convicted three North Carolina men Thursday in a trial that focused on a plot to carry out terrorist attacks on the U.S. Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va., and foreign targets.

The jury in the month-long trial delivered its verdict against Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, Ziyad Yaghi and Hysen Sherifi after deliberating since Wednesday. Yaghi and Sherifi were convicted on all counts. Hassan was found not guilty of conspiracy to carry out attacks overseas but convicted of providing material support to terrorists.

The worst part?
The 2009 arrests of the men provoked anger and fear among some Raleigh-area Muslims, who worried their community was subject to aggressive scrutiny by federal law enforcement. Some members of a Raleigh mosque regularly made the five-hour round trip to New Bern to offer moral support to the three defendants on trial.
As always, forward this to Democratic members of the House Homeland Security Committee who deny that Islamist radicalization is happening on American soil.

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