Europe's Revolving Terror Door: GIMF Leader Released from Prison Two Weeks Ago Back Recruiting Terrorists

I'm not going to pick on Germany for the short sentence served by former Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) leader Mohammad "Abu Usama al-Gharib" Mahmoud. The problem of short sentences for serious offenses is found in nearly every European country. Mahmoud was only sentenced to four years for recruiting terrorists and for threatening acts of terrorism.

And now that he's out he's back at his mosque in Austria where some in the community see him as a "victim" of the global (Jooooish, I'm sure) conspiracy against Muslims. And better yet, he's back online recruiting radicals and telling them that jail is actually not that bad a place:

Newspaper Die Presse reports today (Thurs) that the Austrian, whose family have roots in Egypt, appealed to listeners to do everything "that the flag of Islam is raised at the White House and the Vatican." The daily also reports that he claimed "prison is not as hard as it sounds." According to the Kurier newspaper, Mohammed M. told people gathering at the mosque to listen to his speeches that "you’ve got everything you need in jail: a warm bed, a pillow. (...) You can even buy cake – what more do you want?"

Die Presse reveals he said prison was a good place to recruit radicals. "They get there as drug dealers and robbers to be mujahedin when being released," he is quoted as saying in one of his most recent lectures which were also spread on the internet. Mohammed M. – who glorifies dying as a martyr – reportedly also appealed on fellow Muslims to arm themselves before showing a folding knife he always carries.

The one way to insure they don't leave prison as mujahideen is to just shoot them. Unrealistic, I know. But I can dream, can't I?

The one piece of good news here is that apparently the Austrian authorities are considering charging Mohammad Mahmoud with some kind of "hate speech" charge. So, what, he'll get like six months this time?

And as a reminder who Mohammad Mahmoud was buddies with online, I offer you this oldie but goodie.....

Given the fate of Samir "Inshallahshaheed" Khan, I'm thinking that letting Mahmoud make hijrah to Yemen isn't such a bad idea.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:43 AM


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