State Department Fails at Refuting Online Jihadism

Like a young Luke Skywalker attempting to raise an x-wing fighter from the swamps of Degobah, the US State Department tries and fails to win the battle of hearts and minds online. And why is that? It's all about the porn and prostitutes!

Fewer than 10 diplomats make up the State Department’s digital-outreach team, which is charged with countering al Qaeda’s recruitment efforts via social networks, blog posts and Internet videos, according to current and former officials.

The “eight or nine” team members hang out online with angry young Muslims to steer them away from terrorist radicalization, a senior State Department official said on background....

No U.S. agency made any effort to publicize the U.S.-born al-Awlaki’s two citations for soliciting prostitutes when he lived in San Diego, said J. Michael Waller, professor of public diplomacy and political warfare at the Institute for World Politics in Washington.

What about [Osama] bin Laden’s porn?” he said, referring to the stash of pornography reportedly recovered by U.S. forces from the slain al Qaeda leader’s compound. “There’s no legitimate reason for that stuff to be classified. Get it out there.

No need to declassify bin Laden's porn stash, Vinnie has reproduced the collection down to the sticky pages of "Modern Goat Photography".

Posted by: Rusty at 04:46 PM


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