Herman Cain, Uncle Tom

One of my favorite television shows from the 70's was The Jeffersons. Who could forget George's arrogant strut, the catchphrase "Wheezy!", their wisecracking maid Florence...

The series tackled many controversial issues of the time, but I remember one episode in particular. Louise's uncle Ward comes to visit. George takes an immediate dislike to him because he happily worked for white people as a butler. Throughout the episode, George refers to him as "Uncle Tom."

As in most of the episodes, there's a lesson to be learned. In the end, George learns being an "Uncle Tom" is only a bad thing to those too ignorant to learn their history.

This is the episode "Lionel Cries Uncle," trimmed down to a 4 minute minisode:

So, the next time someone calls any black conservative an "Uncle Tom," you'll know its either a compliment or the person is very ignorant.

Posted by: DMartyr at 01:30 PM


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