#OccpuyWallStreet Asks 'Banker' Help To Finance #OccupyWallStreet With "Billions & Billions"

More curcular idiocy. I think the only honest protester I've seen is the one in this video who, when asked what the protests were about, replied, "I don't have a f#cking idea."

(Hat Tip: Andrew Breibart Tweet)

The guy (gal?) talking about "billions and billions" reminded me of a blond joke:

A man and his blond girlfriend were watching the news when there came a story about two Brazilian sky divers plunging to their deaths. Upon hearing this, the girlfriend bursts out in tears crying, "That's horrible!"

The boyfriend tries to console her by replying, "Sky diving is a dangerous sport. I'm sure they knew the risks but decided it was something they really wanted to do."

"I guess so," says the blond. "But how many is a brazilian?"

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:55 AM


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