Al Qaeda Confirms Solidarity with, ACLU and Ron Paul

Like an enormous black hole the nuttiness of the fringes all seem to be on opposite ends of the event horizon, until suddenly you realize that they converge in a quantum singularity of disconnectedness so from reality that some theoretical physicists posit an alternate universe of craziness:

Al Qaeda’s Yemeni wing charged the U.S. violated its own Constitution and laws in the targeted killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, according to a statement on Monday confirming the American-born cleric is dead.

Like presidential candidate Ron Paul and others who have condemned the killing as an unconstitutional, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula used a legal argument to attack the drone assassination of the cleric and another American citizen, Samir Khan, who produced the Al Qaeda web magazine Inspire...

AQAP joined other critics — including presidential candidates Paul and Gary Johnson and organizations such the ACLU — in accusing the U.S. of acting unconstitutionally by assassinating a U.S. citizen without due process.

More evidence of the bizarro convergence of al Qaeda supporters and Ron Paulians: Linda G. Richards, noted online al Qaeda supporter, also claims that Samir Khan was innocent and that Ron Paul is awesome.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:54 PM


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