#OccupyWallStreet a bunch of losers on a traffic island

Just got a call of someone who went at lunch for a look-see:

- its a tiny patch of land that is formed by a traffic triangle, not really a park
- 1/3 of protesters are people in their 70's normally dressed but carrying bizarre signs (old hippies)
- 1/3 are college age sitting on garbage bags who look very, very stoned and take turns leading the group chants
- one older man sitting at a table with three battered hardhats left there in support
- 20% at least were pedestrian gawkers just walking through and pointing
- most of the black people were in one corner gathered around Al Sharpton
- Susan Surandon
- the homeless who had been living there before are all pushed into one corner
- some of the elderly were standing on boxes around the perimeter facing out and reading the constitution

All in all, a media sham by the libtards. There's more people at a bingo game.

Update NYP: “People say they are here for the cause, but the real reason is the free food,” quipped Cameron, 26, of Jersey City. “On my third day, they had smoked salmon with cream cheese. You know how much smoked salmon is a pound? Sixteen dollars. I eat better here than I do with my parents!”

Posted by: JaneNovak at 01:04 PM


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