Abu Sayyaf Attacks Christian Festival

Lets dispense with pretension that Muslims have anything against cock fighting or boxing and get down to the real reason they bombed the festival. Its because Catholic Christians were gathered together to celebrate the Patron Saint of Manila St. Francis the Tearful. Whom Today can't even bring itself to name lest it offend.

Hard to pass up that many infidels all in one place.

Today: Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militants are among the key suspects in two bombings that wounded 11 people in a cockfighting arena and a budget hotel in a southern Philippine city, where security has been tightened for an annual Roman Catholic festival, officials said today.
Its quite a statement on the Religion of Peace that whenever Christians gather, for whatever reason, security must be tightened if there is a large Muslim population nearby.

What's up with that?

Posted by: Howie at 12:05 PM


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