Wisconsin: Muslim Attacks Man For "Criticizing" Islam

Right here in America.

The victim claims he never criticized Islam, but when has that ever stopped an Islamist from falsely accusing someone and then extracting his own brand of Sharia justice?

Velvethammer at Ironic Surrealism writes:

The victim denies that he criticized Islam, but that is neither here nor there. He as an American has the right to do so if he so chooses. The islam rage boy on the other hand does NOT have the right to beat anyone with a tire iron even if they criticized the religion of pieces. Send him packing to what ever Islamic hell hole he or his ancestors (what ever the case may be) slithered out from.

Will the attacker be charged with a hate crime? Probably not. You see, he's really the victim here. Islamophobia and all that....

Posted by: DMartyr at 08:58 PM


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